Christian Enquist reflects on his initial period as CEO

28 June 2021

It has now been a little more than six months since our new CEO Christian Enquist joined the company. What is his view on LK Precision as a company? What strengths and opportunities are there? And what is the work climate like? Here he shares his thoughts on LK Precision and the future.

Hi Christian! What does your background look like and how did you end up at LK Precision?
I have worked for the automotive industry for almost 25 years and have had a wide range of roles in, among other things, production, product development, marketing and sales. I have previously worked at large companies and I wanted to join a slightly smaller company to have the opportunity to be more involved in the processes. Here at LK Precision, I am involved in everything from the selection of coffee beans to the development of the company. An enormous width that I enjoy very much.

What is your reflection on the first half of the year at LK Precision in general?
First and foremost, I am impressed by the high level of competence and the long experience that the employees at LK Precision have. That everyone at the company is so skilled creates interesting discussions that leads to new ideas and thoughts. When it comes to our assignments, they are interesting from several perspectives. In addition to offering difficult technical challenges, it is very satisfying that customers' end products often have very important areas of use. For instance, we work a lot with medical equipment that helps people survive. It feels valuable to be able to contribute to this.

How do you view the work culture within the company?
We have a familiar atmosphere where we take care of each other. Everyone contributes together to our development and we have no clear hierarchies. I dare say that everyone at LK Precision thrives. The LK spirit is amazing!

What do you see as LK Precision's main strengths?
Our experience and competence enable us to take on unique and challenging jobs. We have customers in many different markets, but regardless of industry, we are always involved at the highest level. Our strength is to produce details for very demanding applications that require the highest precision for them to work optimally. The customer must be able to trust that we realize their innovations and meet their level of ambition.

How do you see the future of LK Precision?
Right now we are in a situation where our skills are in high demand. To keep up with all assignments, we need to grow and recruit more competent employees, which we are looking at right now. Now I look forward to drawing up a plan for the company's continued development. The goal is to create further growth and even better opportunities to help our customers. In the longer term, we also want to grow and become a strong brand in Europe.