Collaborative project for a technical college in Stockholm

10 February 2021

To secure future competence in the workforce, we must ensure the availability of great technical education in our community. An exciting project is currently underway. Region Stockholm, in collaboration with Södertälje and Huddinge municipalities, are working together to start a technical college in Stockholm. And LK Precision is proud to be involved in the project.

The need for industrial technical skills is expected to grow in large numbers over the next few years and more training in the technical industrial field will be required to keep up with the demand. This affect us at LK Precision, and we think it is important that there is relevant education that can ensure future competence.

LK Precision is involved in an important project, where a feasibility pilot study is currently being conducted, to investigate the conditions for starting a regional technical college in Stockholm County. The project is run by Region Stockholm in collaboration with Södertälje and Huddinge municipalities. Partnering in the project are also the employers' union Teknikföretagen, IF metall, Industriarbetsgivarna, Föreningen Teknikcollege i Sverige and Arbetsförmedlingen.

 "We have seen a very large discrepancy between available education and the demand that exist in the industrial technology fields in Stockholm today," says Olga Vassilieva Blücher, who is the project manager for the feasibility study. “We have submitted an application for a monetary grant. The money will go toward starting up a technology college as a pilot project in 2021. LK Precision is one of the best employers in the area and is very committed to extended education, so it is of great benefit to us that they are participating in the project.”

LK Precision is participating in, among other things, developing educational protocol and requirements in the field of precision machine cutting. Furthermore, we will be part of giving students the opportunity for internships and study visits in our workshop.

“As a company, we need to ensure sustainable growth in the company with high competence among our future employees. But skills development also applies to the future of the entire industry. Therefore, we are happy about the opportunity to be involved in developing this important project. As it looks today, there are really no technical educations with a focus on cutting processing in Stockholm and the need for a technical college is great”, says Fredrik Mossberg, marketing manager at LK Precision.