High demands on components for the aviation industry

5 February 2021

During our 20 years as a strategic supplier to SAAB, we have designed and produced a large number of components for the company's flight series. In our latest assignment, SAAB needed to quickly enter the market with the BOL missile defense system.

BOL is part of SAAB's electronic defense system for military aircraft. The defense system protects the aircraft from missiles by expelling heat towards heat-seeking missiles and thus steering the missile away from the aircraft.

With tight time frames to get its new product, BOL300 on the market, SAAB needed a strategic overall partner who could help from the design stage to the production of the components. The product's design placed high demands on a supplier with expertise in both construction and advanced processing of very difficult to process materials.

In a short time we designed and produced components for the BOL300. A successful project that helped SAAB to launch its new product on the market within the allotted time.