Successful premiere for our precision event

17 September 2019

Last Friday we held our first precision event.

An inspiring morning where ECAPS and Hexagon shared their insights and valuable knowledge. Marcus and Lennart from Hexagon started the morning by talking about how functional requirements are implemented based on ISO standards. We could see that there is a lack of skills in the area and that most people need to shift their focus from traditional objectives to objectives focused on functionality.

Then Kjell Anflo, ECAPS's chief engineer, took us on a journey from the laboratory out to space. He showed us how the development of rocket engines over the past 20 years has progressed - from rocket fuel development to the implementation of requirements and complicated tests. He explained, among other things, why NASA chooses Swedish rocket technology for upcoming trips to the moon and how it works when LK Precision's details are placed into space. In addition to interesting speakers, we were given the opportunity to socialize, make new contacts and exchange experiences. Thanks to all participants who helped us make the event so successful. See you again in January.