When human life is at stake, nothing should go wrong

21 January 2021

In the medical technology industry, every detail of the equipment must function optimally so as not to endanger human life and health. Extreme accuracy and precision are therefore crucial in the production process. Maquet’s renewed trust year after year we see as a proof that we have the ability to deliver at the absolute highest quality level.

Maquet delivers medical systems for extremely demanding hospital wards such as operating rooms, laboratories and intensive care units. With the intent of always improving human health and saving lives, high demands are placed on product and service development. Improvements need to be implemented in an efficient and safe way so that they quickly can benefit as many people as possible. As a supplier to Maquet, we have for many years helped the company to review data for product developments, revise and develop prototypes. 

With previous suppliers, Maquet had experienced quality problems in the manufacture of components for the Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump System. As a long-term partner of Maquet, we were entrusted with taking over the production. After a review of the manufacturing methods, we now continuously produce details that are of the highest quality. The customer avoids unnecessary quality deficiency costs and the handling of complaints. Above all, patients and care providers get access to products with the best performance that can save lives.