Cutting edge technology
in the field of advanced machining

Ever since our launch in 1984 it has been fundamental for us to live up to our customers' exacting precision and quality requirements. Through strategic investment in equipment, and the continuing professional development of our staff, we create a high commercial value for our customers.

From drawing board to space capsule

We take on everything from end-to-end assignments, in which we’re involved from the concept stage, to small-scale productions and product development consulting.  By being part of the process from the drawing board stage, we guarantee seamless production and ensure all customer requirements and expectations are met. The earlier we come on board in the process, the easier it is for us to optimise production and the end result.

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The minds behind the machines

While cutting-edge technology is vital, our greatest asset is our experienced and highly skilled workforce; individuals who draw on their professional expertise to ensure we get the very best from our machines. With inexhaustible commitment to our customers’ needs and a strong problem-solving approach, they make sure our deliveries maintain the highest quality.

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Service and personal approach

We are here throughout the entire production process to offer advice, answer questions and provide status reports on how the work is progressing. It’s a personal approach that we know gives our customers complete peace of mind. And it’s one of the reasons why we tend to have long-term customer partnerships.


  • “I love my job!"


    “My colleagues are very nice and they have helped me a lot. I love my job!”, says Blaz, who has worked at LK Precision's warehouse since October.

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  • Collaborative project for a technical college in Stockholm


    To secure future competence in the workforce, we must ensure the availability of great technical education in our community. An exciting project is currently underway. Region Stockholm, in collaboration with Södertälje and Huddinge municipalities, are working together to start a technical college in Stockholm. And LK Precision is proud to be involved in the project.

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  • High demands on components for the aviation industry


    During our 20 years as a strategic supplier to SAAB, we have designed and produced a large number of components for the company's flight series. In our latest assignment, SAAB needed to quickly enter the market with the BOL missile defense system.

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  • When human life is at stake, nothing should go wrong


    In the medical technology industry, every detail of the equipment must function optimally so as not to endanger human life and health. Extreme accuracy and precision are therefore crucial in the production process. Maquet’s renewed trust year after year we see as a proof that we have the ability to deliver at the absolute highest quality level.

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